You love your job, feel passionate about women who are about to enter motherhood and you couldn’t think of doing anything else but this! Yet something is off. You aren’t sleeping, grabbing food from drive-through and your liquid intake comes in the form of caffeine. Lots of it. You are running around taking care of everyone even after your job is done. The husband, the boyfriend, maybe kids or family members. You aren’t feeling too hot in your body and feel wiped out, stressed out and totally depleted. You worry about burn-out but somehow you keep going. Your Radical Self-Care has been put on the back burner and you just want to sleep for days.

Or maybe you don’t feel all of those things. Maybe you aren’t making the money you want because somehow you give, give, give to the point that your clients suck you dry. Perhaps you keep getting clients that are highly needy and you don’t know how to say no.

Birth workers have a lot on their shoulders. If you love your job but are somehow feeling stressed because of your work, Heal the Healer was designed to help you feel balanced with your mind, body and spirit.

Here is what you will get:
*Learn the signs of depletion
*How to create a healthy energetic relationship with your client
*Specific exercises to protect your energy from clients AND how to release un-healthy energy from clients
*How you can attract the clients you want AND how to serve them best without feeling exhausted
*Radical Self-Care tips for health & wellness like food, supplements and beauty



My bookshelf at home, I’m not into Birth or anything…


A War on Want investigation into the promotion and sale of powdered baby milks in the Third World.

By Mike Muller

March 1974 


Pregnant Women are Sensitive MMMKAY?

How we say what we say to pregnant women really matters. Keep in mind that pregnant women are operating on a different brain wavelength than the rest of us. REALLY listen to what they are saying. What is the ROOT of the issue? Is she fearful? Get to the root by listening with your heart first than responding with your brain. 

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Moving. FINALLY this topic is being addressed. WHAT BABIES WANT just touched on this and I always wanted more NOW there will be a film that tackles this topic! 



Rad shirt from 4000 Years for Choice, featured in our last issue’s Bitch List. 

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